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AM Collections Analyst FSA - USA
Description: • Drive collection initiatives aimed at reducing loss, collection cost and minimizing exposure to risk, across all due buckets• Knowledge and experience in applying data to solve business problems through quantitative analysis. Experience with predictive modeling, optimization and similar data-driven business solutions• Design Loss Forecasting Models to predict impact on Delinquency and Losses•...
Assistant Manager Operations - Danville (USA), USA
Description: The position is responsible but not limited to supervising and monitoring functions relative to prescription receivable accounts to include billing, payment/reject application, reject resubmission, and accounts receivable collections to maximize cash flow and meet client needs. Ensuses Service Level agreements are met by monitoring and controlling the processes under assigned areas of responsibility. Trains and supervises...
Asst Manager TFS FSA US - USA
Description: • Perform independent review and validation of complex models used throughout the organization for risk measurement, pricing, profitability and management decision making• Responsible for assessing model risk, deconstructing models to check their integrity, analyzing model assumptions, assessing model limitations, verifying mathematical formulation, producing documentation and validating the model for use&#x...

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